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An Investment in Nest Wealth; An Investment In You

By Randy Cass on April 21, 2017

Today we’re proud to announce another huge step forward for our company and our clients: the signing of multiple agreements with National Bank, one of the top six banks in the country, which includes an agreement to license our technology as the backbone of its digital wealth experience as well as a $6 million minority investment in Nest Wealth.

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The Smart Money Episode 2: Do Insiders Have an Advantage?

By Randy Cass on April 11, 2017

Most people believe the investment world isn’t fair. It’s them versus us. The insiders—those hedge fund managers you see on the front page of the papers making million dollar trades—versus the the rest of us, the outsiders. But does having access to all those resources really make you a more successful investor? 

Listen to episode 2 of The Smart Money Podcast. 

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What is a LIRA? Answering Your Questions About Locked-In Retirement Accounts

By Randy Cass on April 6, 2017

How's a LIRA different from an RRSP? Can I take money out? Can I transfer my LIRA to an RRSP? Randy answers the most common questions we hear about locked-in retirement accounts.

Whether you’re leaving a job with a pension or already have a LIRA, here’s a helpful list of FAQs!

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Work While You Play, Play While You Work: The Case for Semi-Retirement

By Kate Smalley on March 30, 2017

“Time doesn't stop just because you no longer work full-time at a corporation. You still have to fill up the same 24 hours of the day. We spend about 2,000 hours a year working, and that’s not including time spent commuting to and from the office. When you retire it’s not like those 2,000 hours disappear and you have 2,000 hours less stress."

Part two of Kate's interview with financial journalist and author Jonathan Chevreau. 

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What is the TFSA? Top 12 Questions About the Tax Free Savings Account

By Randy Cass on March 21, 2017

Don’t let the name fool you, the TFSA (that’s Tax Free Savings Account) is a powerful little investment tool. That’s right, it’s really an investment account not a savings account as the name would suggest. Between the poor naming job and the fact that it’s relatively new, it’s advantages aren’t well understood by most Canadians. 

In this post I’ll run through ins and outs of the TFSA, addressing the most common questions we hear from clients. 

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Find Out Exactly How Much of Your Investment Returns You Keep

By Kate Smalley on March 15, 2017

A 50% raise!!! How would that feel? What would it mean to you and your family over the next 20 years? 

How about a 50% pay cut? How would that change your life over the next couple of decades? How would you explain it to your family?Well, if you are an investor, seemingly modest fees can have the same life changing impact on your future.

A guest blog by the founder of Larry Bates.

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Work Because You Want to, Not Because You Have to

By Kate Smalley on March 4, 2017

“The cost of spending your life doing work you hate is too high. Most of us have had a job where we’ve dreaded the start of every work week. I call it the ‘Sunday night dreads’. That’s a dead giveaway you’re in the wrong profession. I guarantee you’re not going to be able to pull it off for another 20 years until you’re planning on retiring."

An interview with financial journalist and author Jonathan Chevreau.

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Canadians Don’t Have a Saving Problem, They Have a Fee Problem Part 2

By Kate Smalley on March 2, 2017

If I asked you to name a successful investor who comes to mind? Many people would say Warren Buffett. The man’s done pretty well for himself.

When he sent out his annual shareholder letter last week slamming active investors on Wall Street, saying they’d cost their clients a whopping $100 billion in wasted fees, people paid attention. To me it further proved that our mission to save Canadians $1 billion in fees is a no brainer. And it's just the beginning. 

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The Smart Money Episode 1: Is the Latte Factor Fact or Fiction?

By Randy Cass on February 28, 2017

We're told by saving the cost of a latte a day we can retire rich. It's a great theory, but is it true? Or is the latte factor more like a fad diet. It might work in the short-term, but ultimately, it distracts our focus from the decisions that matter most.

Listen to episode 1 of our new podcast, The Smart Money.

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Canadians Don't Have a Saving Problem, They Have a Fee Problem Part 1

By Kate Smalley on February 23, 2017

It can feel like everywhere you turn the financial industry is shouting at you to, “Save more!”. Telling you you’re not saving enough. That you’re behind. That you should have started yesterday. And while I understand the importance of this message and it’s blunt delivery—because listen, it’s not bad advice—I have to wonder how effective it is.

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