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The Sandwich Years: 5 Things to Help You Survive Your 40s & 50s

By Randy Cass on May 26, 2017

You know those days where everything goes wrong and you’re so tired you don’t know what direction’s up? They’re a lot more manageable when you know what you’re working towards.  

Here’s 5 things that’ll help you survive—and make the most of!—your 40s and 50s.

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The Sandwich Years: 6 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 40s & 50s

By Randy Cass on May 19, 2017

Your career has taken off but is more demanding than ever. Your kids are growing up and your parents are starting to rely on you a little more. You’re tackling your debt while trying to ramp up your savings... 

Welcome to the sandwich years. Here are 6 money mistakes to avoid in your 40s and 50s.

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Introducing Our New Lineup of ETFs

By Randy Cass on May 12, 2017

We've updated the ETFs we use to build your investment portfolios.

Even better, lower cost ETFs means more money will stay where it belongs, with you!

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Top 6 Questions Clients Ask About Our ETFs

By Randy Cass on May 4, 2017

Instead of trying to predict what the next hot stock will be in an attempt to beat the market, we build our investment portfolios from low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that match the market. It’s not sexy, but it really does win in the long run.

What are these ETFs everyone’s so fond of? Read on for the top 6 questions clients ask us.

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How to Prepare for a Bear Market

By Kate Smalley on April 27, 2017

The only thing you need to do to prepare for the next bear market. No charts or financial jargon, promise. 

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An Investment in Nest Wealth; An Investment In You

By Randy Cass on April 21, 2017

Today we’re proud to announce another huge step forward for our company and our clients: the signing of multiple agreements with National Bank, one of the top six banks in the country, which includes an agreement to license our technology as the backbone of its digital wealth experience as well as a $6 million minority investment in Nest Wealth.

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The Smart Money Episode 2: Do Insiders Have an Advantage?

By Randy Cass on April 11, 2017

Most people believe the investment world isn’t fair. It’s them versus us. The insiders—those hedge fund managers you see on the front page of the papers making million dollar trades—versus the the rest of us, the outsiders. But does having access to all those resources really make you a more successful investor? 

Listen to episode 2 of The Smart Money Podcast. 

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What is a LIRA? Answering Your Questions About Locked-In Retirement Accounts

By Randy Cass on April 6, 2017

How's a LIRA different from an RRSP? Can I take money out? Can I transfer my LIRA to an RRSP? Randy answers the most common questions we hear about locked-in retirement accounts.

Whether you’re leaving a job with a pension or already have a LIRA, here’s a helpful list of FAQs!

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Work While You Play, Play While You Work: The Case for Semi-Retirement

By Kate Smalley on March 30, 2017

“Time doesn't stop just because you no longer work full-time at a corporation. You still have to fill up the same 24 hours of the day. We spend about 2,000 hours a year working, and that’s not including time spent commuting to and from the office. When you retire it’s not like those 2,000 hours disappear and you have 2,000 hours less stress."

Part two of Kate's interview with financial journalist and author Jonathan Chevreau. 

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What is the TFSA? Top 12 Questions About the Tax Free Savings Account

By Randy Cass on March 21, 2017

Don’t let the name fool you, the TFSA (that’s Tax Free Savings Account) is a powerful little investment tool. That’s right, it’s really an investment account not a savings account as the name would suggest. Between the poor naming job and the fact that it’s relatively new, it’s advantages aren’t well understood by most Canadians. 

In this post I’ll run through ins and outs of the TFSA, addressing the most common questions we hear from clients. 

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