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Have RRSP? Travel More

By Nest Wealth on 02/05/2018Article 3 Minute Read

For many Canadian retirees, travel to sunny destinations during the cold long winters is at the top of their bucket list, and who can blame them. Particularly when winters can be more stressful for seniors. To ensure your RRSP can fund travel costs, you need to make sure you save enough and that you’re invested in […]

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Interest Rates Changed – Should Your Investment Portfolio?

By Nest Wealth on 02/05/2018Article 2 Minute Read

This week, the Bank of Canada bumped up the interest rate by 0.25%, to 1.25%. While this decision shows that our economy is strengthening, it raised some concerns among investors, particularly those who own bond funds, also known as fixed income. The reason some investors who own bond funds are concerned about the recent interest […]

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Stick to the Plan: How to Ride Out a Bear Market

By Nest Wealth on 02/05/2018Article 4 Minute Read

Being surprised by a stock market crash is a lot like being surprised by the first snowfall of the season. It’s winter! It happens every year! We know this, and yet every year there are those people that throw their hands up at the first sign of snow, acting genuinely surprised. Like they never saw […]

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Nest Wealth Named one of Canada’s Best Workplaces™ in Financial Services and Insurance for 2018

TORONTO, ON, August 14, 2018 – Nest Wealth, Canada’s leading digital wealth solution provider, is thrilled to announce that it has has been named one of Canada’s Best Workplaces™ in Financial Services and Insurance for 2018. Nest Wealth received this honour after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®, which gathered […]

By Nest Wealth on 14/08/2018

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We’ve Updated Our Look! Welcome to News From the Nest

We’ve been busy working on a few upgrades over the past few weeks. You might’ve noticed we look a bit different today, perhaps a bit fancier? Thanks! We’ll take the compliment. So what’s the change? We’ve made a few adjustments to create a better customer experience for our clients. We’re excited to announce the launch […]

By Nest Wealth on 28/06/2018

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Making the Move to Digital: Proudly Announcing Our New Partnership with SP Wealth LP

A recent win for Nest Wealth! We’re proud to announce our latest partnership with wealth management firm, SP Wealth LP. Read how Nest Wealth Pro partners with SP Wealth LP to provide a fully digital solution to help improve operational efficiency, increase advisor capacity and better engage clients. Nest Wealth, North America’s leading digital wealth […]

By Nest Wealth on 23/04/2018

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In The Case Of Will Creation, Sooner Is Always Better

No matter what stage of life you’re in, creating a will is important. Although your age shouldn’t dictate when to start creating a will, planning your estate becomes increasingly more important for us the older we become. And let’s face the obvious, it’s not a fun thing to plan. But creating a will can bring […]

By Nest Wealth on 09/08/2018

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Why Slowing Down Is A Good Thing For Your Health…And Wealth

It’s easy to get caught in a continuous cycle of moving faster and pushing ourselves to becomes more efficient. We’re living such fast-paced lives that demand so much of our time and attention. And with so little time on our hands, having quick and convenient access to things like transit and food can be super […]

By Nest Wealth on 09/08/2018

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Should Your Retirement Plan Depend On Your Home’s Equity?

Guest Post By: Penelope Graham, Zoocasa Owning a home is arguably the largest financial asset for many Canadians – but should it also be the main contributor to their retirement plan? After all, with a history of strong price appreciation, housing is generally seen as a stable, long-term investment with the potential for huge gains. […]

By Nest Wealth on 19/07/2018

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What is 2-Factor Authentication And Why Does It Matter?

You’re likely faced with it every time you try to access one of your online accounts. It prolongs your sign-in experience by a few seconds, but that extra step in verifying your identity could mean the difference in an account that’s secure, and one that’s not… With the increase in cyber-crime over the past few […]

By Nest Wealth on 01/08/2018

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The Rise Of Cyber-Crime: Best Practices For Online Account Safety

With the rise of financial cyber attacks, this year alone has raised a lot of concern for cyber-safety for online banking users. Statistics Canada reported that 86% of Canadians aged 16 and over accessed the internet for their own personal use. We can expect this number to continue to rise as more companies expand their digital offerings, […]

By Nest Wealth on 26/05/2018

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Leading Digital Transformation: Top Things to do to Keep Your Business Innovating

If there’s one thing we’re always taught about business it’s that change is constant. If you’re concerned that your offering isn’t transforming to meet the needs of the digital age fast enough, chances are there’s a much bigger question you should be asking yourself. What is digital transformation? The rate of digital change is almost […]

By Nest Wealth on 10/05/2018

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Smart Money: A Web Series By Nest Wealth

Our team has been hard at work to bring you a new exciting series—and here it is! We developed a web series called Smart Money to help investors and those new to investing have access to information they need to make informed decisions when it comes to saving for their financial future. The Smart Money […]

By Nest Wealth on 17/08/2018

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Understanding How Corporate Accounts Work

Did you know Canada has over 1.2 million active businesses (with employees) as of 2017? If you’re the owner of a business of any size, chances are you have a Corporate Account opened. And if you’re wondering, Nest Wealth also offers Corporate Accounts. Whether you’re looking to open an investment account for your business or […]

By Nest Wealth on 01/08/2018

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Why Jeff Bezos, The Richest Man In Modern History, Should Open A Nest Wealth Account

Perhaps you’ve heard the name Jeff Bezos in the news lately and you’re wondering what all the buzz is about. Well, imagine being only 54 years old and reaching a net worth of $151 billion dollars (USD), according to Forbes. That’s the reality for Amazon.com Inc. founder as of last week as he hit the […]

By Nest Wealth on 26/07/2018

Article4 Minute Read