9 Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Be Following

By Admin User on September 2, 2017

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    In the internet age, we are constantly searching for new ways to read and absorb information about the things that matter most to us. That behaviour is no different in the FinTech industry, as those wanting to learn more about money management are seeking knowledge from the experts. 

    Those experts often come in the form of personal finance bloggers. These savvy individuals spend their days writing about their personal journey in wealth management, while also speaking to the various tools and tricks of digital investing as a whole. 

    When you don’t know who to ask, or where to go for the information, we suggest checking out some of Canada’s most well-known and respected personal finance bloggers. See if the suggestions below are serving up what appeals to you.

    Cait Flanders

    The blog formerly known as Blonde on a Budget is now the digital home of Cait Flanders. Cait began her blogging experience when she found herself $28,000 in debt. She used her blog as a way of holding herself accountable while she (successfully, yay!) paid off her debt. From there, Cait made the conscious decision to live a minimalist life and blogged all about it. She still blogs today, sharing her sage wisdom in life after debt. She is also working on her first self-help memoir based on her experiences with personal finance  and minimalism appropriately titled The Year of Less. 

    Money After Graduation 

    Bridget Casey is the founder and content creator of Money After Graduation, an online financial literacy resource for those who want to build long-term wealth. In addition to ongoing blog posts that are meant to inform and educate, Money After Graduation provides a number of eCourses and workshops that have helped thousands across Canada and the USA pay off debt, stick to a budget, and begin investing. 

    How To Save Money 

    Stephen Weyman started How To Save Money back in 2010 with a goal to provide the best tips, tools and techniques to help people maximize their money. His belief is that today’s consumer needs to arm themselves with knowledge, and that’s where he steps in. By sharing his knowledge and experience, he has taught his readers how to achieve goals while living better and experiencing more of the good things life has to offer by saving money without cutting back. 

    Retire Happy 

    This blog has a series of authors that contribute weekly content full of financial planning information. Retire Happy prides themselves on only publishing top quality articles with timeless information instead of the minute-by-minute investment ideas other outlets tend to produce. The site also offers and encourages reader interaction and comments to help everyone learn from each other.  

    Money We Have 

    Barry Choi is a self-taught personal finance guru. After being deceived by his financial advisor, Barry made the decision to begin educating himself on personal finance. From there he created Money We Have and combined his love of personal finance with his love of travel by creating one destination for all of the information. His blog posts are broken down by categories in both travel and finance, making it super easy for readers to gravitate toward topics they are most interested in.

    Young and Thrifty 

    Kyle and Justin are two friends from school who claim to be the millennial money experts — and for good reason! Young and Thrifty has become a go-to space for those who seek knowledge in all areas of personal finance. Their website is easy to navigate and easily breaks down articles in categories that are most important to the reader.  

    Boomer & Echo

    This father and son duo is really onto something. Their approach to blogging about personal finance is a bit different in that they blog separately about topics that matter based on their age group. So essentially, there is something relatable to read on Boomer & Echo, regardless of your age and knowledge of personal finance. The best of both worlds in one place.  

    Simply Frugal 

    This blog lives up to its name by providing its readers with a personable approach to money saving tips. Mother and wife, Tanya shares information on Simply Frugal about stores deals in Canada, household and money saving tips, coupons and coupon matching, as well as keeping readers up-to-date on all the latest freebies available to Canadians. 

    The Nest Wealth Blog 

    Of course we can’t help but mention our own Nest Wealth Blog. Each week we dish out all the details you need to become a better digital investor while you plan for your financial future. In addition to informative articles regarding robo advisors, ETF’s, RRSP’s, and the like, we also focus our attention on saving and planning, and how that relates to your everyday life, like what to do if your roof caves in, common spending habits (you don’t have to follow), and the worst money advice we’ve ever heard. Check us out each week to learn more about how you can better save for your future. 



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