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When Should You Hire a Tax Professional?

By Admin User on March 4, 2018

Tax season creates a certain level of discomfort for many Canadians, even if they have a simple return to file the tax jargon thrown at us during this time of year can be incredibly daunting. With the rise of online tax software it is becoming easier and more straightforward to file your return, but there are still a number of instances where you may look to hire a tax professional. While you might be able to fiddle your way through the forms, there are some cases where wouldn’t want to make a costly mistake.

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The True Cost of Lacking Trust in FinTech

By Admin User on February 19, 2018

Every year conducts an annual Digital Money Trends survey, where they ask a sample of Canadians about their relationship with money and financial technology (fintech). This year’s report highlighted a worrisome trend.

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From the Moment You Read this Headline, You have 48 Hours to save $323,654.40

By Randy Cass on February 13, 2018

Remember the old Mission Impossible television show? You know the ones when the critical message warns the listener that they have 10 seconds until the tape self-destructs? Would you be surprised if I told you that cinematic moment has more in common with financial success than almost any other video about investing you’ve ever seen? 

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Stick to the Plan: How to Ride Out a Bear Market

By Admin User on January 31, 2018

Being surprised by a stock market crash is a lot like being surprised by the first snowfall of the season. It’s winter! It happens every year! We know this, and yet every year there are those people that throw their hands up at the first sign of snow, acting genuinely surprised. Like they never saw it was coming.

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Have RRSP? Travel More

By Admin User on January 25, 2018

For many Canadian retirees, travel to sunny destinations during the cold long winters are on top of their bucket list. And who can blame them, particularly when winters can be more stressful for seniors. To ensure your RRSP can fund travel costs, you need to make sure you save enough and that you're invested in the right portfolio. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Interest Rates Changed - Should Your Investment Portfolio?

By Admin User on January 19, 2018

This week, the Bank of Canada bumped up the interest rate by 0.25%, to 1.25%. While this decision shows that our economy is strengthening, it raised some concerns among investors, particularly those who own bond funds, also known as fixed income. 

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And Then What Happened Podcast With Sean Wise

By Admin User on January 14, 2018

Dr. Sean Wise comes with a list of titles and accomplishments including lawyer, author, professor, investor, mentor and the list goes on. Today he’s most well known as a leader in the Canadian Start-up community as the National Fellow for Startup Canada’s Startup Communities.Over the next hour you’ll hear how he has had to overcome a learning disability and how he was able to prove everyone wrong on his way to success.

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How to Enjoy Your Ultimate Me Time

By Admin User on January 9, 2018

What would you do if you finally had all the free time you wanted to enjoy the activities you never had time for? This is what your retirement should be, a period for you to enjoy your time. But to really enjoy it, you need to plan now (the sooner the better). Unfortunately, many Canadians nearing retirement are not prepared.  According to a recent Ipso poll, nearly half of Canadians 55 years and older don't have a retirement plan. In this blog post we look at the value of time and some easy steps to get started on creating a retirement plan. 

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And Then What Happened Podcast with Michael Wekerle

By Admin User on January 3, 2018

In Canada, Wekerle “Wek” is a bit of a celebrity. In the 80s and 90s, he earned a reputation as the greatest trader on Bay Street with elephant-like memory. Later, he leveraged his Bay Street smarts to foray into a few new ventures. Today, he’s a Dragon investor on the hit CBC show Dragons’ Den. In our inaugural podcast with Randy Cass, Michael speaks candidly about what drives him to succeed, overcome struggles and become a better person.

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Bitcoin or Blockchain - Which Will Be a Game Changer?

By Admin User on January 2, 2018

It seems everyone is talking about bitcoin. While the future of this digital currency is still uncertain, the blockchain technology supporting it seems more promising. So, we think some more attention should be paid to this new technology as it may change the way businesses around the world operate. 

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