Father’s Day Celebrations: How Much are Canadians Projected to Spend?

By Nest Wealth on 08/06/2018Article 3 Minute Read

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Sunday, June 17, 2018, is Father’s Day, a day we spend celebrating and showing our appreciation for fathers and father figures around the country—about 8.6 million of them to be exact!

This year, we thought it would be interesting if we tallied up the numbers to give you the breakdown of just how much Canadians intend to spend this Father’s Day. Here it goes!

Annual Spending

Based on a survey of 1000 Canadians, 45% of participants said they plan on purchasing a gift for their dad. Although the annual spending for Father’s Day is less than the annual spend for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day spend is projected to be $311 million, which amounts to around $20 per person.

Gifts aren’t the only thing Dad wants, and although he may be pretending like he doesn’t want the formal acknowledgment…he definitely does.

What We Think Dad Wants

It turns out that 21% of fathers said Father’s Day is “just another day” and aren’t really expecting anything.

For the ones who are expecting some acknowledgment, 41% said they wish to spend time with their family as a way to celebrate fatherhood.

Another report suggests that Father’s Day doesn’t typically get as much commercial acknowledgment as Mother’s Day. Three-quarters of those surveyed agree Mother’s Day gets more attention and half of the respondents don’t think their dad cares about celebrating at all.

It also suggests that only 40% of Canadians think their dad would be upset if they forget to celebrate! Modest and practical, right?

How to Celebrate

Despite what he may be telling you, Canadian dads want to be celebrated.

Perhaps this year you can get more creative with your gifting, and leave the purchased present for his birthday instead.

There are lots of options out there for you to make dad feel special, but we recommend creating more memories by sharing quality time and experiences with your family. After all, that’s what basically half of the dads in Canada want anyway!

Wishing You a Very Happy Father’s Day from Nest Wealth!

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