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Nest Wealth Pro is an innovative digital platform that provides you with everything you need to efficiently manage your practice, including:

  • Digital onboarding and intuitive dashboards
  • Completely customizable and is agnostic to product or portfolio solutions
  • Designed to fit your current set up (custody assets with your current custodian, if you choose!)
  • Give your clients a unique branded experience
  • Tools to monitor and manage client and prospect activity and relationships
  • Provide more ways to communicate

We focus on you, so you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

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Nest Wealth Pro provides you with a digital wealth management platform so you can easily scale your business and spend more time focusing on your clients.

Free Your Time With Digital Onboarding

Nest Wealth Pro provides you with an incredibly easy and compliant digital signup process that eliminates paperwork and all that time you used to spend chasing down clients for documents and signatures. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you’ll be able to spend more time having important and meaningful conversations with your clients about the things that matter most, and less time worrying about administrative tasks.

Delight and Impress Your Clients

Your clients want an easy‐to‐use, sophisticated, and straightforward digital experience. Nest Wealth Pro lets you give them everything they need. You can provide clients with a completely transparent and comprehensive view of their holdings and performance. Nest Wealth Pro also gives them the freedom to review goals and reach out to you when they need to.

Integrate With Your Current Systems

We get it – you’re busy enough as it is, so we understand you might not want another screen to look at. That’s why we’ve made sure Nest Wealth Pro can integrate with your current systems. You want it to talk with your CRM? Sure, no problem. You want Nest Wealth Pro to work with your current trading solution? That’s OK by us.

Know What Your Clients Need Before They Do

Use Nest Wealth Pro to stay ahead by setting alerts that track client activity, like when goals move off track or when client information has been adjusted. You can keep on top of transfers into accounts, and when milestones in AUM or performance have been achieved. One screen provides a holistic view of everything that needs your attention each day, so you can make it happen.

Give Your Clients Choice

We know what it takes to convert prospects into clients. Nest Wealth Pro integrates live chat, calendar integration, email support, and automated emails to help client relationships begin and develop. Our digital platform combined with your human touch will be the most powerful tool to help you acquire, and keep, clients.

Broaden Book With Scalable Technology

Nest Wealth Pro enhances your ability to provide advice to clients previously unserviceable. Identify and segment different groups of prospective clients in order to analyze and tailor solutions. By using Nest Wealth Pro to scale your business, previously unserviceable clients may become a viable and good source of revenue and referrals.