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Nest Wealth Pro is an innovative digital platform that provides you with everything you need to efficiently manage your practice, including:

  • Digital onboarding and intuitive dashboards
  • Completely customizable and is agnostic to product or portfolio solutions
  • Designed to fit your current set up (custody assets with your current custodian, if you choose!)
  • Give your clients a unique branded experience
  • Tools to monitor and manage client and prospect activity and relationships
  • Provide more ways to communicate

We focus on you, so you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

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Nest Wealth Pro provides your firm with a fully branded digital wealth management solution.

Engage New Clients To Ensure Firm Growth

Nest Wealth Pro enables your firm to engage visitors to your site with compelling functionality, including a free portfolio builder. Prospective clients can easily share information in an honest and frank manner, transforming your website into a place where financial conversations begin.

Reduce Costs With Digital Onboarding

Say goodbye to paper and lengthy account openings, and give a warm welcome to fully digital onboarding that can be completed in less than 7 minutes. Nest Wealth Pro will automatically bundle all necessary documentation necessary for digital signatures, make certain that all information is entered correctly and directed to the custodian of choice.

Gather and Monitor Big Data

Nest Wealth Pro gives you the ability to gather, store, and aggregate business information to observe both client and advisor product usage and behaviour. You’ll have a complete picture, so you can guide your firm in the most profitable direction.

Speed to Market

Don’t give other firms time to dominate the market. Being the first to talk to prospects and clients will give your business the upper hand, and open your firm to new opportunities. Nest Wealth Pro provides fast implementation, so you don’t have to slow down.

Simultaneously deliver a customized and mass market solution

These days advisors are expected to deliver an all‐inclusive approach to helping their clients achieve goals. Nest Wealth Pro helps your team deliver customized solutions at a larger scale, so your firm can provide a better experience overall while continuing to grow in clients, and profitability.

Improves compliance and client documentation

You understand the important of compliance in preventing unethical conduct, and the benefits of making business operations more efficient. Nest Wealth Pro automates processes and stores client documents in a secure environment, reducing your regulatory risk.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Clients demand more today, and recent data indicates that 25% will leave a firm if their digital offering isn’t good enough. Nest Wealth Pro lets you offer a best‐in‐class client facing portal where they can interact as they choose, reach out to talk with your advisors as needed, track performance, review holdings, and even initiate transfers of additional assets to your firm.

Make Communication Easy

It’s not always easy to meet face‐to‐face, that why Nest Wealth Pro comes with features including chat, calendar integration for setting up meetings, and CRM integrations for triggering automated email campaigns. From a personal notification to check a ‘goal’ to a request to update their KYC, digital communication improves and strengthens the relationships between your advisors and their clients.

Increase Advisor Efficiency

Intensifying competition means we have to find ways to enhance advisors’ productivity. Traditionally firms’ technology offerings are often pieced together over time, which can create a complex digital environment and leaves room for operational issues. Nest Wealth Pro is an investment in your advisors’ productivity, cutting back on the administrative work and many of the manual processes. The most productive and profitable firms have better infrastructure for their advisors, streamlined processes for sales and service, and a centralized system.