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Q&A with Robin R. Speziale, Author of Market Masters

By Nest Wealth on 14/04/2016Article 3 Minute Read

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We did a Q & A with Robin Speziale, the Author of Market Masters. To write the book, he interviewed some of Canada’s top investors (28 in total). Read on to learn about Robin’s experience writing Market Masters.

My name is Robin Speziale and I am the Author of Market Masters. To write the book, I interviewed some of Canada’s top investors (28 in total). It was a wonderful experience. I asked them how they make money in the market, either for themselves or for their clients, and packed all of their investment advice into my book. The interviewing/writing journey took one whole year (2015), and then after countless publisher rejections, the book was finally published and released in February, 2016. I pushed on because I knew that I had to share the Market Masters’ investing lessons with readers across the country.

Q: What inspired you to write Market Masters?

A: I’ve been a DIY investor since age 12. I love investing. And so the book was not only a way for me to meet the great investors I’ve followed for ‎years but also an opportunity to share my passion and their advice to Canadians across the country. If the book inspires DIY investors, I’m happy.

Q: If you had to do it all over again, is there anything you’d change?

A: I have no regrets. The year I met with all 28 Market Masters and wrote the book (2015) was an incredible journey for me. I’ll never forget the experience.

Q: Was there any aspect of writing Market Masters that you found particularly challenging?

A: Scheduling time with the Market Masters was challenging. Most probably thought, “who’s this kid emailing me and asking me to be in his book that may never get published?”‎. I’m glad I persisted and am fortunate that the top investors in my book took a chance on me.

Q: After you finished writing, what were the biggest challenges in bringing it to life?

A: Market Masters was rejected by close to 50 publishers. Most rejection emails were automated. But some were typed up by someone at the respective publishing house. For example, one editor flat out said my book wouldn’t sell. Another explained that people would rather read this “type of content” in magazines. ‎ But I knew Market Masters in book form would be in demand. If you walked in to any book store you’d be hard pressed to find a comprehensive investing book for Canadians and written by a Canadian. (“Investing for Canadians for Dummies” doesn’t count). Jack David of ECW Press saw the potential in Market Masters. He believed in me and my book. Fast forward to today. Market Masters became a national bestseller after just two months of being released.

Q: What was your favourite part to write, and why?

A: The intros for each of the 28 Market Masters were the most fun to write. This is where I brought out the unique characters in each of the top investors profiled in my book. I think readers will find these profiles a joy to read.

Q: What has been the best compliment?

A: The best complement so far came in the form of a tweet ‎from a reader: “Just read Market Masters. Best investing book I’ve read in a long long time”

Q: After writing Market Masters, what advice would you give to investors?

A: Read as much as you can on investing to perfect your craft.‎ You can go to my Linkedin Pulse post on my top 10 favourite investing books. But that’s of course after you read Market Masters.