Smart Money: ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds

By Nest Wealth on 30/08/2018Video 1 Minute Read

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We get it. Canada’s stuck on mutual funds. But if you’re curious about ETFs and what they could mean for you when it comes to investing for your financial future, then this episode of Smart Money is exactly for you.

In this Episode, we discuss the shift in wealth management towards ETF portfolios, what they are and why they’re so much more cost effective in comparison to mutual funds.

Watch Episode 3 of Smart Money, A Web Series by Nest Wealth

ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds: What’s the difference when it comes to building your wealth?

In Episode 3 of Smart Money, we uncover the big differences between ETFs and mutual funds. So tune in and find out why Canadians and investors from across the globe and shifting gears to ETF portfolios.

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