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We built a better way for you to invest.

Nest Wealth makes it easy for you to obtain sophisticated wealth management focused on your long-term goals without high fees, large minimums or lack of transparency.

The convenience of mutual funds has always come at a cost.

Average equity mutual fund fees by country


*Morningstar Global Fund Investor Experience Report, 2013

Mutual funds are easy, but they’re also expensive. The average Canadian equity fund charges you some of the most expensive fees in the world, taking 2.35% of your money each and every year. Are you willing to give up almost half your potential wealth so someone else can manage your investments? Millions of Canadians are doing exactly that, without even knowing it.

We’re different in that we recognize it’s your money.

Nest Wealth believes everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. That’s why a monthly subscription starts at $20 a month and is capped at $80 a month no matter how much your account grows over time.

This can make a massive difference in the wealth you’re able to create. For example, if you’re a 42-year old investor who has saved $150,000 and contributes $13,000 each year until retirement, the impact of paying a flat rate on your potential wealth is $350,000.

What’s the impact of lower fees on your potential wealth?

Nest Wealth proves easy doesn’t have to be expensive.

With Nest Wealth, you can finally have a sophisticated investment portfolio managed on your behalf with complete transparency for a low-cost monthly subscription. Invest with Nest Wealth today and join our community of Canadians who have found a better way to invest.

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