Why We Created Our “Investing Made For Life” Philosophy

By Nest Wealth on 07/01/2019Article 2 Minute Read

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Life is full of surprises.

Many Canadians find that saving for retirement is increasingly difficult because they’re faced with the kind of life surprises that could affect their retirement savings. Especially when it comes to their families. And these moments don’t always bring us heartbreak.

Life’s surprises can bring us a lot of joy, too. And despite the fact that life’s surprises are bound to happen, you’re still bound to be there.

Saving For A Sunny Day

They always tell us to prepare for a rainy day. But you don’t have to choose between your retirement and having the funds for life’s retirement surprises, either. With the right investment portfolio, you can prepare for any kind of day—even the sunny ones.

For the moments that demand your attention today, you can be ready for life without compromising your future. We’ve put together a retirement guide called, The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Life’s Retirement Surprises that that you can download here for helpful RRSP tips and other retirement savings information.

Here are a few life surprises we explore in our newest campaign:

Having the resources and time to be there for your newest grandchild.

Giving your child the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education.

Being in a comfortable position to celebrate your kid’s recent engagement.

Fueling yours or your family’s motivation for exploration and travel.

Investing Made For Life is our philosophy because it is the essence of why we exist as a sophisticated wealth solution. At Nest Wealth, we believe Canadians have already lost too much wealth to unfair management fees.

We believe in your wealth potential and supporting you in having a stable and prosperous financial future. That’s the reason why we continue to offer one low monthly management fee.

And that’s #InvestingMadeForLife.